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Lithium niobate is a ferroelectric material suitable for a variety of applications. Its versatility is made possible by the exce


Lithium niobate is a ferroelectric material suitable for a variety of applications. Its versatility is made possible by the excellent electro-optic, nonlinear, and piezoelectric properties of the intrinsic material.

  • Lager Dimension
  • Broad spectral transmission ranges from 0.4 µm to 5.0 µm with an OH- absorption at 2.87 µm
  • No moisture 

Basic Properties of LiNbO3:

Crystal Structure:

Trigonal, Space group R3C, Point group 3m

Cell Parameters:

a=5.148Å , c=13.863Å

Melting Point:

1253° C

Curie Temperature:

1140° C

Mohs Hardness:



4.64 g/cm3



Optical Homogeneity

~ 5x10-5/cm

Transparency Range


Absorption Coefficient:

~0.1%/cm @ 1064nm

Refractive indices at 1064nm:

ne= 2.146, no = 2.220 @ 1300 nm
ne = 2.156, no = 2.232 @ 1064 nm
ne = 2.203, no = 2.286 @ 632.8 nm

Thermal Expansion Coef. (@ 25¡ãC)

//a, 2.0x10-6/K

//c, 16.7x10-6/K

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient:

38 W/m/K at 250C

Thermal Optical Coefficient:

dno/dT=-0.874x10-6/K at 1.4m m
dne/dT=39.073x10-6/K at 1.4m m

The Sellmeier equations

( l in m m)

no2 = 4.9048 + 0.11768/(l 2-0.04750)-0.027169l 2
ne2 = 4.5820 + 0.099169/(l 2-0.04443)-0.021950l 2


Nonlinear Optical Properties:

NLO Coefficients

d33 = 34.4 pm/V
d31 = d15 = 5.95 pm/V
d22 = 3.07 pm/V

Efficiency NLO coefficients

deff =5.7 pm/V or ~14.6 x d36 (KDP) for frequency doubling 1300 nm;
deff =5.3 pm/V or ~13.6 x d36 (KDP) for OPO pumped at 1064 nm;
deff =17.6 pm/V or ~45 x d36 (KDP) for quasi-phase-matched structure.

Electro-Optic Coefficients

gT33 = 32 pm/V,  gS33 = 31 pm/V,
gT31 =10 pm/V,   gS31=8.6 pm/V,
gT22 = 6.8 pm/V, gS22= 3.4 pm/V,

Half-Wave Voltage, DC

Electrical field ||z, light ^z:

Electrical field|| x or y, light ||z:

3.03 KV

4.02 KV

Damage Threshold

100 MW/cm2 (10 ns, 1064nm)




Optical parametric oscillation, difference frequency mixing to generate tunable infrared wavelengths, and second harmonic generation..

Lithium niobate is particularly effective for second harmonic generation of low power laser diodes in the 1.3 to 1.55 µm range.,

For infrared generation by difference frequency mixing, the peak power limit is considerably lower than for 1.064 µm, being about 40 MW/cm


The Sellmeier equations (l in µm ):
no2 = 4.9048 + 0.11768/(l2-0.04750)-0.027169l 2
ne2 = 4.5820 + 0.099169/(l 2-0.04443)-0.021950l2


The Fe:LiNbO3 and MgO:LiNbO3 crystals is available too. The MgO: LiNbO3 has similar effective nonlinear coefficients to pure LiNbO3. Its Sellmeier equations (for MgO dopant 7 mol%) are:
no2 = 4.8762+ 0.11554/(l2-0.04674)-0.033119l2
ne2 = 4.5469+ 0.094779/(l2-0.04439)-0.026721l2


LiNbO3s Specifications:


Laser grade LiNbO3


±0.5 o

Dimensional Tolerance:


Surface quality:

20/10 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-13830B


l/8 at 633 nm


5 arc min


better than 20 arc sec

Clear Aperture:

> Central 90%

AR Coating:

AR coating with R < 0.2% at center wavelength

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